Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My "Top 10" iPad/iPhone Photo Apps

1. Light it. (iPad)
Scott Kelby's electronic digital photography lighting magazine made exclusively for the Apple iPad® and dedicated to the use of photographic lighting whether it be Speed Lights or studio strobes. A must read for any photographer...

2. Photo Transfer. (iPhone/iPad)
Photo Transfer is my photo and video transfer app of choice. It allows me to easily download photos or videos from my iPad to my computer as well as exchange photos between my iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. It allows you to transfer photos over Wi-Fi or Blue Tooth, no cables or extra software required.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Organize your photo equipment for a shoot using the "Packing Pro" app

Here's an app that I use on every photoshoot to organize and ensure that I don't forget any equipment that is required for the shoot.

Packing Pro comes with 800 pre-loaded items from toiletries to clothing to electronic gadgets. Being fully customizable, I loaded all of my photography equipment including the weight and serial numbers of the cameras, lens, reflectors, batteries, etc.

Now prior to every shoot I start this app and select the equipment I plan to use which sometimes includes electric fans and mp3 music players. It creates a checklist of the equipment that I plan to use that I check off as I'm packing for the shoot.

I must say, I haven't forgotten any equipment or to charge my camera batteries since using this app.

P.S. It's also very good for packing for vacations/trips.....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Friday, August 31, 2012

Why buy a Canon camera? Why buy a Nikon camera?

Why did you choose a Canon camera? Why did you choose a Nikon camera?

I'm curious to know why you chose the cameras that you use. My story starts with me buying a Canon A1 in the 80's and later a Professional Canon F1 camera (still have this one). I chose Canon at that time because I was impressed with the quality and clarity of the 35mm images that it produced. It was also the first SLR that I was introduced to by my personal friends and the photographers that I hung around with. I really enjoyed that camera and bought quite a few lenses and accessories for it.

A few years later came "auto-focus". I'm told by Canon that if I upgrade to one of their "new" (at that time) auto-focus camera's, my "manual" lens would not work (become obsolete), requiring me to not only buy a new camera, but a complete new set of lenses. That rubbed me the wrong way. So after looking at my options decided to jump ship and go with a new "Nikon" auto-focus system.

One of the reasons that I use Nikon is that all Nikon 35mm SLR and DSLR cameras past and present use the same lens mount, allowing you to continue to use your manual lenses on your auto-focus cameras, sans the auto-focus function. That was enough to convince me that my lens collection would not go out of style.

So, why did you choose the camera that you are using???

Monday, August 27, 2012

Sharing your iPhone Calendar

It's been a while but now I'm back. This time I will show how to share your iPhone Calendar between two or more people.

First, make sure that all participants have an Apple "iCloud" account which is free to set up and require iOS5 or higher.

Then log into your "iCloud" account by going to and signing in using your Apple id and password.

Select the "Calendar" icon. You should see a screen similar to the screen below:

Monday, June 4, 2012

Network Access Storage - Securing your Digital Files

4 Bay D-Link / 5 Bay Drobo FS NAS Units

As of this date, I have acquired 18,000+ digital photos from various shoots, events, places and things. That’s not including the negatives and slides that I have stored in negative/slide sheets hanging in file cabinets in my office(I’m slowly getting around to scanning these slides and negatives for digital storage).

Originally, I stored the digital files on an external, 1 terabyte Western Digital Passport hard drive and never gave a second thought to the security of these files until….

Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Features in Photoshop CS6

Check out this 1-hour video about some of the new features in Adobe Photoshop CS6.
"I'm loving the new features and layout. Makes photo editing fun again..." Michael - Positive Image Blog

Click here for Video

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nik Software - Education Blog & Videos

© Janice Wendt

Enhancing the Travel Image with Janice Wendt

By Janice Wendt - Nik Software | On May 15, 2012 | No Comments
Follow along as Janice Wendt, Nik Software’s trainer to the trainers, teaches you how to quickly and easily enhance travel images with timesaving techniques using a variety of Nik Software tools using Photoshop. This webinar will feature a variety of travel images and teach you how to effectively enhance buildings, skies, landscapes and more.
Click here to watch this webinar…

Turn Your iPad into a Wireless Monitor for Dual Displays

Ever wish you had an extra display for your computer? There’s an app for that! With Air Display, you can use your iPhone, iPad or Mac as a wireless display for your Mac OS X or Windows computer.

Triggertrap Mobile - iPhone Remote camera trigger

Triggertrap enables you to use your iPhone/iPod/iPad to trigger a camera based on lots of different things, by using the built-in sensors on your iOS device. For many of the triggering modes, you can use the camera built into your phone, but if you want the full Triggertrap experience, hook it up to your SLR camera!

click the link for more info:

You break it, you bought it!!!

Clumsy Photographer breaks ancient African sculpture

A Manhattan art collector says a photographer snapping pictures of her 2,630-year-old sculpture for an art magazine carelessly smashed the rare piece to bits during the photo shoot — and now she wants the publishers to pay $300,000.
Read more:

645 Pro - iPhone App

 645 PRO—it feels like a pro camera. Because it is one

Professional handling with your iPhone camera645 PRO has been designed, from the ground up, for professional and serious amateur photographers. So it works the way a camera works, not some piece of computer software.
Every setting is managed directly from the camera—no layers of menus to negotiate. You have instant access to everything that can be controlled, from focus/exposure and white balance locking to a 645 PRO-exclusive choice between spot and multi-zone metering.
Live histogram from your iPhone cameraLive ISO/shutter data from your iPhone cameraAnd you have all the information you need, all the time, including a real-time ISO and shutter-speed reading and even a live histogram!

For more info or to get the iPhone App, follow this link...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Death Valley Photography Trip / part 1

My son and I went to Death Valley about a week ago to take photos and explore some of the unique sites in that area.

Day 1. We started at the small ghost town of Ballarat. There we photographed the town cemetary, jail house, and a building built of earth and rocks.


Next, we headed to the "Wildrose Charcoal Kilns" where we camped out for the night.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Geotaging Photos

The video above by "Terry White" shows how to add satellite location to your photos when using a camera without a built in GPS.

Below is the iPhone and Android app used to create the .gpx files to import into Lightroom for adding GPS coordinates and features to photos.

P.S. You don't have to sign up with to use this app. You have the option in the app to email the .gpx files to yourself or download them through the iTunes software.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wacom Intuos 5 Multi-Touch Graphics Tablet

For the ultimate in control of photo editing, retouching, restoration and graphic design, there's no beating a graphics tablet. I've tried and compared a few different ones back in the day and found (in my opinion) that Wacom makes the best in the business. I use one daily and it appears that with Wacoms latest release that they are only getting better.

Apple's New iPad release

Apple annouced the release of the new iPad today at the Yerba Buena Centeer for the Arts in San Francisco, California.

The New iPad is available for pre-order home delivery or in Apple Stores in March 16, 2012 starting at $499

The iPad 2 has a new lower price starting at $399.

Here's a list of the updates/changes between the iPad 2 and the New iPad........

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adobe announces Lightroom 4 release

Adobe announced the release of Photoshop Lightroom 4 yesterday.

Lightroom 4 is now out of public beta and shipping! As usual besides fixing bugs the Lightroom team got in some additional features/enhancements in the shipping version!:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Arizona, Utah and Nevada photo shoot

Upper Antelope Canyon

This past weekend I had the pleasure to go to Arizona, Utah and Nevada to shoot some photos for my stock collection. I started with the slot canyons of the "Upper Antelope Canyons" in Page, Arizona. This area is located on Novajo Indian Land, so it is required that you make reservations with the various Navajo tours that are responsible for access to the canyon. Antelope Canyon includes two separate, photogenic slot canyon sections, referred to individually as Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fruit in water photography

This photo was created using a glass terrarium that I purchased for $12 (on clearance) at our local Petco. I've always wanted to photograph food in water to see if I could re-create some of the food photography that I have seen in various magazines.