Friday, November 23, 2012

Organize your photo equipment for a shoot using the "Packing Pro" app

Here's an app that I use on every photoshoot to organize and ensure that I don't forget any equipment that is required for the shoot.

Packing Pro comes with 800 pre-loaded items from toiletries to clothing to electronic gadgets. Being fully customizable, I loaded all of my photography equipment including the weight and serial numbers of the cameras, lens, reflectors, batteries, etc.

Now prior to every shoot I start this app and select the equipment I plan to use which sometimes includes electric fans and mp3 music players. It creates a checklist of the equipment that I plan to use that I check off as I'm packing for the shoot.

I must say, I haven't forgotten any equipment or to charge my camera batteries since using this app.

P.S. It's also very good for packing for vacations/trips.....