Monday, March 31, 2014

Corrupt SD Card

In the middle of an important high fashion Commercial Jewelry photo shoot, my 16gig SD card took a dump.
Not to worry, my Nikon D800 has dual memory card slots, one SD and one Compact Flash (CF) slot.

Prior to the shoot I set the camera to "back up" mode. When shooting in "back up" mode, the camera  records the images to the SD card and the CF card simultaneously, thus creating a back up copy of each shot.

Photo copyright: Michael Montgomery/Positive Image
I removed the corrupt SD card and continue shooting with only the CF card. Photo shoot saved!!!

 It would have been very frustrating, expensive and time consuming to re-schedule the shoot, have the makeup artist re-apply the makeup and have the model repeat all of the poses.

Lessen learned...If you are on an important shoot and your camera(s) have the back-up capability, use it. If your camera doesn't have the "back up" capability, consider shooting to a couple of smaller capacity cards or spreading your shoot across a "few" larger capacity cards (e.i., 50 shots on one card and 50 shots on another). That way, should a card happen to take a dump (pun intended),  you would only lose a portion of the shoot instead of having to start all over again from scratch.

Also remember, only format your cards "in camera" with the camera you're using at that time.

Do you have any ideas on preventing loss of photos from a corrupt card? Let's hear them.