Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Creating The Perfect Photo Shoot

To create the perfect photo shoot, start by getting acquainted with the client/model prior to the shoot. Invite them to an informal coffee/lunch to take time and get familiar with each other. While you are there, ask and answer any questions pertaining to the model/client and the shoot. This allows you to break the ice, get the clients slant and offer suggestions to accomplish the shoot. To make it more personable, ask what their favorite snacks, drinks (non-alcohol) and other goodies they like and have these items on set prior to the shoot.

YouTube Video courtesy of  Matthew Jordan Smith

You've probably heard the saying "Music soothes the savage beast", well I don't know about the beast, but the use of the correct music can relax the model/client and set the mood for the shoot. e.i. romantic music for dramatic or romantic photos, hip hop for fun and active photos. (Again, ask the client what type of music they prefer?)

Prior to the end of the shoot ask the model/client if there is a certain shot that they have in mind and would like to try before the shoot is done. A lot of times those final trial shots become the winners.

The goal is to make the model/client as comfortable and relaxed with the photographer as possible. The results will show in the final images.

If you have any suggestions on how to better connect with the model/client post a comment in the comment box below.
Keep shooting!!!